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Seventh course: Lemon curd tart. Tom had spent New Year's Eve day making fresh lemon curd, meringues, and crusts. We were the lucky beneficiaries, as he brought them all, assembled the most lovely little desserts you could imagine, and put a touch of torch on the top. Since I didn't know that we'd have these, I hadn't thought of a good wine for them and made a serious mistake. (Never pick a wine while inebriated!) I brought out a Late Harvest from Aida Vineyards, a Zinfandel. It simply could not stand up to the lemon. We should have had a sparkling wine, but I simply was not thinking clearly. So while the wine was great, the pairing was not good. In any case, the tarts were so wonderful that no one noticed. Plus, by now, we'd gone through a serious amount of wine. (my lousy camera work does not do the beautiful dessert justice. I am ashamed.)