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Eighth course: cheese. Rose and I had grand ideas on how to make a tasty cheese course with fruits and chocolate and all that jazz. But by now (we had been eating for about 5 hours), no one was going to all that trouble. I raided the refrigerator and threw ones that I thought might go together onto a cutting board and brought them out. A wonderful triple-creme Brillat-Savarin, some Roquefort, some Shropshire with onions, a wonderful aged manchego (with candied apricots, of course), a Normandy Petit Livarot, and some goat's milk cheese all got nibbled on. By this time, we had had so much to drink that I didn't even think to bring out any more wine. I think that we all mostly finished off the other wines that weren't quite done... And then, at least for Rose and I, caffe.