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(continued Third course): The fourth and final sauce was a simple combination of very very very strong ingredients. Rose makes her own preserved lemons, and the salt/oil/juice that accumulates in the bottom of the jar is an insanely strong flavor. She wanted to put that on sashimi with an eye-dropper. I added to her lemon salt some chiltepin oil that Aaron Leonard had given us the year before and we came up with a very wicked taste to drizzle on raw fish. Rose did all the slicing, and we laid the fish on julienned sunchokes (not because we wanted to but because we accidentally bought them instead of ginger). With the fish we served two wines. One was a German Riesling by Gunderloch, a tiny bit sweet and very nice. The other was a personal favorite of mine, Cain's 1991 "Musque," a wine they made for about a decade. This is a bone-dry Sauvignon Blanc and is really a wonderful (and unfortunately rare) wine. If you find an old bottle somewhere, buy it and drink it.