Everything I Ate in 2010

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March 13, dinner. Real dinner: mushroom stuffed ravioli with butter and sage sauce. At home with Jan.

March 14, breakfast. The usual.

March 14, leftover lunch: Zemam's Ethiopean food, saved by Rose from destruction because I worked so hard on Friday night. Thanks Rose!

March 14, a little leftover soup to start dinner.

March 14, dinner. Risotto with broccoletti and funghi. Jan made this. Very delicious! We ate it with a 2004 Brunello di Montalcino (DOCG). Great combination.

March 14, dinner. Winter greens from Jan's garden (they grow into March here you see) along with a bit of finocchio bulb and some anchovy. Delicious. Jan's recipe.

March 15, breakfast. The usual.

March 15, lunch. A gyro sandwich from El Saage in Tucson.

March 15, dinner. Leftover greens&finocchio, plus some soup out of the freezer. At home with Jan.

March 16, breakfast. The usual.

March 16, lunch. Half of a #12 (Carnitas Pork) from Nico's with Jan in Tucson.

March 16, dinner. A little salad with greens from Jan's garden and some cheese.

March 17, breakfast. The usual.

March 17, lunch. At Frankie's in Tucson. Cheesesteak "wit" (meaning "with onions") with Provolone cheese on bread imported from Philadelphia. Delicious.

March 17, lunch. And fries of course.

March 17, dinner. A strange dinner. Over-easy egg, toast, leftover greens & finocchio, and some of Jan's radishes. I guess we were a little tired and didn't want to cook.

March 18, breakfast. The usual.

March 18, lunch. Baggins Albuquerque Turkey sandwich, and an iced tea. Plus of course the free chocolate chip cookie. A good sandwich overall. Tucson.

March 19, dinner. Zemam's with Jan, Rose and Mark. Those lettuce leaves in the corner are there because Rose didn't have time to make her normal injeera. Or something. But it was good!

March 20, breakfast. The usual.

March 20, lunch. Salad of greens fresh from Jan's garden, plus some salami and other nice tidbits.

March 20, dinner. This is a little something Jan whipped up, the greens made "saag" style, with yogurt on the top. I made the red lentils, throwing a bit of tomato into them for flavor. Sort-of an Indian-esque dinner. The little bit of red is hot pepper paste, yeah! At home with Jan.

March 21, lunch/breakfast. In DFW airport, waiting for a flight to Cozumel. Some pulled-pork sandwich BBQ. Not bad, not bad at all.

March 21, dinner. At Prima's in Cozumel. This is now moved from downtown to a hotel on the beach, up 8 or 10 floors. A nice view of the ocean. It was cold and rainy so we ate inside, which was too bad. Generally OK food. I don't think I like it as much as Ken does here.

March 21, dinner. At Prima's in Cozumel. Grouper with garlic sauce, potatoes, vegetables. Not great cooking, but good fish freshly made.

March 22, lunch. A turkey and cheese sandwich with guacamole, lettuce, and tomato. On shore after a morning spent diving. In Cozumel, with Jan (and others...)

March 22, dinner. At HC de Monterrey ("El sabor de la buena carne". This is an appetizer of chorizo sausage with a little lime on it. In Cozumel, with the whole diving gang (Jan, Ken & Gabby, Karen, Liz, Stuart and Terri).

March 22, A Dos Equis at dinner.

March 22, dinner. A skirt steak, with jalapeƱo, avocado, lime, potato, and onion as side dishes. At HC of Monterrey in Cozumel. Delicious. A great meal for about $10.

March 23, breakfast. A little sandwich of ham and cheese. At the Fiesta Americana hotel in Cozumel. With Jan.