Everything I Ate in 2010

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Feb 26, lunch. Two fish tacos from Nico's. In Tucson.

Feb 26, dinner. Zemam's with Rose, Mark, and Jan. It's Friday night, after all, so it must be time for Ethiopian food.

Feb 27, breakfast. The usual, plus a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice from Jan's trees, and some strawberries and blueberries.

Feb 27, lunch. Taqueria Pico di Gallo, down on South 6th Avenue. Tucson's best taqueria. Fish tacos. And across the street, if you have time, are raspados!

Feb 27, snack. Leftover Valentine's Day candy.

Feb 27, dinner. Broccoli, in a nice brown sauce.

Feb 27, dinner. Leftover Bœuf Bourguignon. Just as good on future nights as it was the first. Not better, in this case, but just as good.

Feb 28, breakfast. The usual.

Feb 28, dinner. At Don & Barbara's house. Spiral cut ham, Jan's root vegetable casserole, grilled asparagus, and cornbread.

Feb 28, dessert. Tiramisu (mine). At Barbara & Don's on Sunday dinner with the whole family.

March 1, breakfast. The usual, plus a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice from Jan's trees.

March 1, lunch. Plate of carne seca at El Charro in Tucson. With Brandon and Gilli. Very good, although as usual, too much food.

March 1, dinner. Posole at home. Jan's recipe.

March 2, breakfast. The usual, plus a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice from Jan's trees.

March 2, lunch. A mixed green salad, supervised by Oliver the cat. I did not actually eat Oliver. He was just watching. Such a beautiful day we ate outside. At home with Jan in Tucson.

March 2, light dinner. Leftover root vegetable casserole, plus some garlic-scented tomatoes, a recipe Jan has made succesfully for many years. Simple, and tasty. Works better if you have a loaf of crusty bread, but still good without.

March 2, dessert. Lemon sorbet.

March 3, breakfast. The usual, plus grapefruit juice. The cat food on the counter was for Oliver and Wanda, not me.

March 3, lunch. Kobe burger and fries, outside at Zin Burger with Keith, Sandy, and Jan. The Kobe burger is only a bit more than the normal one, but it is really very good. The only failing of this place is that the buns lack structural integrity compared to the juciness of the meat, so at the end of the meal you have wet hands and probably a bunch of mush leftover from the bun. Other than that, this is probably the finest burger in Tucson. Not that I'm a burger nut

March 3, dinner. Leftover Beef Burgundy stew. Lovely even a week later!

March 3, dessert. Leftover Joel's Tiramisu.

March 4, breakfast. The usual. With Wanda i the background.

March 4, lunch. Half of a tuna sandwich (hot) at Beyond Bread. These guys continue to do a great job at making fine sandwiches on their fresh bread. Many times they are oversized, though, so it pays to get a half. With

March 4, lunch. Vinegar slaw at Beyond Bread to go with my half-tuna sandwich.

March 4, dinner. At Cafe Poca Cosa, certainly Tucson's most innovative Latin American restaurant. This was the molè, delicious!

March 5, breakfast. The usual, plus a freshly squeezed glass of grapefruit juice from Jan's trees.

March 5, lunch. At Rosa's in Tucson. Two carne seca enchiladas.

March 5, snack. At Chuy's with Sonia for the impromptu Rincon class of '81 reunion. Nachos of dubious quality.

March 5, dinner. At Zemam's in Tucson with Jan, Mark, and Rose. As always, very good. Gored gored was particularly spicy that night, and the mincheta bish was also very good.

March 6, breakfast. The usual.