Everything I Ate in 2010

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January 25, breakfast. The usual.

January 26, breakfast. The usual, plus a glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

Jan 26, dinner. Leftover beef burgundy on strozzapreti. At home.

Jan 26, dinner. A Godiva truffle for dessert. At home with Jan.

Jan 27, breakfast. The usual, plus a glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

Jan 27, lunch. Chips and salsa at Rosa's in Tucson.

Jan 27, lunch. Chicken and Rice soup at Rosa's in Tucson.

Jan 27, snack. A cappuccino and a Amaretto cookie.

Jan 27, dinner. More leftover beef burgundy on pasta.

Jan 28, breakfast. The usual.

Jan 28, lunch. At Pho 88 in Tucson, probably our best Pho place. A #50, which is the house mixed Pho on normal noodles. #52 is the same thing, but on cellophane noodles. They're more-or-less the same, but this one is less transparent. With basil leaves, lime, sprouts, and of course a generous shake of hot sauce and fish sauce. With Jan.

Jan 28, lunch. Fortune cookie at Pho 88.

Jan 28, snack. A Godiva chocolate.

Jan 28, dinner. At Rosa's Mexican Food in Tucson, chips and salsa. With the whole family.

Jan 28, dinner. Three carne seca enchiladas, rice, beans, and a Bohemia beer. At Rosa's in Tucson. Very good, if also a lot of food.

Jan 28, dessert. At Don and Barbara's. Ice cream.

Jan 29, breakfast. The usual, but with a glass of blood orange juice from Jan's trees.

Jan 29, lunch. At Martin's on Fourth Avenue with the Microsoft folks, Julie and Dan (and Jan). Chips and salsa, great start.

Jan 29, lunch. At Martin's on 4th Avenue with the Microsoft folks. Great burrito!

Jan 29, dinner. Zemam's with Rose and Mark and Jan.

Jan 30, breakfast. The usual.

Jan 30, lunch. At Sauce in Tucson, Jan and I split a pizza.

Jan 30, dinner. Tapas. Some red pepper tapas, some stuffed squid from Spain, and a mushroom-and-garlic warm appetizer. The little pancakes are gluten-free blini that Rose made. With Jan, Rose, and Mark at our house.

Jan 30, dinner. A whole fish from 17th Street Market (a Mexican grouper), stuffed with herbs, lemon, leeks, and encased in salt, then baked. With Rose, Mark, Jan at home.

Jan 30, dinner. Jan's ginger/apple/beet salad. At our house. With Rose, Mark.

Jan 30, dinner. Dessert of gluten-free lemon bars. The "flour" was based on almond flour, so it was just rich and wonderful. Rose made these. At our house, with Mark, Jan, Rose.

Jan 31, breakfast. The usual.

Jan 31, lunch. Caldo verde. Jan's adaptation of the classic Portugese recipe, using cavalo nero from her garden. Delicious. At home.

Jan 31, dinner. Beef burgundy using Julia Child's recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. With an Opus One, 1994. Great wine, great food.

Dinner, Jan 31.