Everything I Ate in 2010

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March 6, snack. A gluten-free cracker. Actually, two.

March 6, lunch. Tuna salad with Jan. Greens from Jan's garden, freshly picked!

March 6, dinner. Pasta with brocoletti. From Jan's garden, the brocolleti. From a bag, pasta. I put the two of them together with a generous amount of cheese and it was all wonderful.

March 6, dinner. Pork chop to go with the brocoletti. Very good. Flavorful, which is not what I'd say about most pork in the US.

March 7, breakfast. The usual.

March 7, lunch. Caldo verde from the freezer. Jan's recipe.

March 7, dinner. Sunday night dinner at our house. I had ordered some foie gras, so I seared it, served it on little bread bits to keep the fat off, and made a puree of almonds and pears (on the right) and some glazed carmelized apples (on the left). It was all very, very good. And a huge amount of foie gras was consumed. Served with a nice light sauternes. With mom, Jan, Barbara and Don, and Rose and Mark.

March 7, dinner. Root vegetable casserole (Jan's recipe) along with a nice steak. Wines tonight were also good: an Opus One 1996 and a BV Private Reserve 1996. Excellent combinations with the steak.

March 7, dinner. Green salad.

March 7, dinner. Flour-less chocolate cake. Jan's creation. With fresh cream on top. We ate this with a Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava (NV). Excellent combination.

March 8, breakfast. The usual.

March 8, lunch. Carne asada. Yum!

March 8, dinner. Soup at home. My own ham and split pea soup. It's a two-day job if you make the stock from scratch, which I did in this case, although you don't have to do it that way. But there were a lot of ham bones to use up. And, of course, you have to soak the peas.

March 8, dessert. Some ice cream.

March 9, breakfast. The usual.

March 9, dinner. Brussels Sprouts, with bacon, and root vegetable casserole. At home, with Jan.

March 9, dessert. Some ice cream, with Wanda in the background. At home with Jan.

March 10, breakfast. The usual, with Wanda in attendance.

March 10, lunch. Chopped liver sandwich at Schlomo and Vito's, with some cucumber salad. With Brian from Amadeus. Excellent sandwich.

March 10, dinner. Leftover root vegetable casserole.

March 10, dinner. Joel's ham and pea soup. Yum. At home with Jan. Also enjoyed a 2004 Amarone, Case Vecie (DOC) with this.

March 10, dessert. Some chocolate cake and a bit of canned whipped cream. Still good. At home.

March 11, breakfast. The usual.

March 11, dinner. Frittata of vegetables fresh from the garden (broccoletti), and some leftover Brussels sprouts with bacon/pancetta. At home with Jan.

March 12, breakfast. The usual.

March 12, dinner. At Rose & Mark's, something scrumptious that Rose made.

March 12, dessert. Strawberries from Casa Vincente in Tucson, around midnight. Along with a few glasses of Casteller Cava. Nice after-concert fare!

March 13, breakfast. At a little diner in Chandler, Arizona. Eggs, American cheese, bagel, and undercooked hash browns. Doesn't get much worse than this.

March 13, lunch/dinner. At the In-n-Out Burger in Casa Grande. Amazingly full of people for a little hole-in-the-wall in the middle of nowhwere. Not a bad burger. Not a good burger, but not a bad burger either.