Everything I Ate in 2010

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March 29, breakfast. The usual.

March 29, lunch. A salad of greens from Jan's garden and cheese, olives, with some salami.

March 29, quick dinner. Some hummus and pita bread.

March 30, breakfast. Very, very early before a flight to Salt Lake. The usual. But in a plastic cup.

March 30, lunch. A pastrami sandwich of indifferent quality, and a Pepsi. I'm not sure where it came from. In Salt Lake City.

March 30, dinner. Nuts and a chocolate chip cookie aboard a Delta flight home from Salta Lake to Tucson.

March 31, breakfast. The usual.

March 31, lunch. A #12 (Carnitas Plate) split betweeen Jan and I in Tucson at Nico's.

March 31, dinner. Salad of tuna, garden fresh greens, olives. At home with Jan in Tucson.

April 1, breakfast. The usual, in the usual place.

April 1, dinner. Red lentils cooked using a random Joel recipe, served over rice with yogurt and mango pickle on the side. Very good for a random dish made in 30 minutes! At home with Jan.

April 2, breakfast. The usual.

April 2, dinner. Zemam's Ethiopian food with Rose & Mark & Jan in Tucson.

April 3, breakfast. The usual.

April 3, dinner. At the Sky Bar on 4th Avenue. Part of a pizza, then back to work. Jan stayed to look at the stars. The pizza was normal. With Christine and Face as well.

April 4, lunch. Sausage, lettuce from Jan's garden, and the usual salad goodness. At home with Jan.

April 4, dinner. Tuna steaks, grilled perfectly. Asparagus, also grilled. And Jan's Spanakopita with greens from her garden. All wonderful all the time! Sunday night dinner at Chez Jams with the family all around.

April 4, dessert. Lemon sorbet. That chocolate stain is from giving someone else chocolate sorbet with the same scoop.

April 5, breakfast. The usual.

April 5, snack. Two pretzels. From Sunflower Farmer's Market. A lot of their store brands are only so-so, but the house brand of pretzels is quite good. As are the grape leaves.

April 5, lunch. At Baggins, an Albuquerque Turkey sandwich. Good & tasty!

April 5, dinner. Leftovers from the night before: tuna and spanakopita. The cheese isn't a leftover, but was very good. A nice light dinner. Jan left in the morning, so just me by myself.

April 6, breakfast. At Raging Sage in Tucson. A cappuccino, cold, and a dried cranberry scone. Very good.

April 6, lunch. At Frankie's Cheesesteaks, with Face. Cheesesteak, with onions and provolone cheese, plus half of the basket of fries. Very good. Frankie's makes good cheesesteaks!

April 6, snack. Some of these peanut-flavored cheese puffs that Ehud gave me. OK, but peanut-butter cheese puffs are really not all that great. I was warned, though.

April 6, dinner. More leftovers: a bit of grilled tuna, Jan's spanakopita, and some asparagus. Add to that some crackers with fresh sheep's milk cheese (soft and spreadable) on them. Delicious. At home. No Jan; she was away.

April 6, dessert. Some ice cream. Couldn't resist. Barbara left it, so I am not going to take 100% responsibility for this. Maybe just 99%.

April 7, breakfast. At Raging Sage in Tucson. Cappuccino, cold, and a pecan scone.

April 7, lunch. At Baggins. Turkey sandwich. Good.

April 8, breakfast. The usual. At home, with Jan.