Everything I Ate in 2010

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January 15, dinner. At Zemam's with Rose and Mark. Jan was flying. So we had a tiny bit less than usual. Plus Prosecco.

January 16, breakfast. The usual. Also my birthday.

January 16, snack. Some pistachios from the Berkeley Bowl.

January 16, lunch. Half of a #12 Carnitas Plate from Nico's Taco Shop in Tucson. Good, as always. With Jan.

January 16, dinner. New England Boiled Dinner, prepared by Barbara. We are in San Diego, at Bruce's house. Corned beef, cabbage, a quarter of a boiled onion and a medium boild potato.

January 16, dessert. Birthday Brownie Cake

Jan 17, lunch. A burrito from Samantha's favorite burrito place in San Diego, Don Carlos. I had the California, which was quite good.

January 17, dinner. Chinese food takeout. I was getting sick so instead of cooking we just did take-out instead. This was the hot and sour soup.

Jan 17, dinner. Moo shoo pork.

Jan 17, dinner. Salty bean curd with snow peas.

January 18, breakfast. San Diego Airport Starbucks. A moderatly good muffin and a cappuccino of normal Starbucks quality, which is to say "not very good."

January 18, dinner. Homemade soup, at home.

January 18, dinner. Dessert of Penn State Creamery Bittersweet Mint ice cream.

January 19, breakfast. Cappuccino over ice and a raspberry scone. At Raging Sage in Tucson.

January 19, lunch. Tuna fish sandwich from Beyond Bread. With the McAfee guys in Tucson.

January 19, dinner. Grazing plate of grilled onions, St. Andre and Comte cheeses, almonds, some marmalade for the cheese, and an oat biscuit. The oat biscuits are pretty good. Well, it's actually all pretty good. At home in Tucson.

January 20, breakfast. Aboard Delta flight 1600 to Atlanta (en-route to Orlando). Bad omlette, really bad potatoes, and sausages. The fruit was fine; it's hard to mess up fruit (although that can be done as well).

January 20, snack. In Atlanta Crown Room (er, Sky Club). Coffee and a biscuit. Russ likes these a lot. They go well with coffee.

January 20, dinner. At one of the restaurants in the Floridian hotel in Orlando. The barman recommended this: arancini, which in this case are deep-fried risotto with a bit of sauce on them. Goes well with a Stella. Actually two Stellas.

January 21, breakfast. Definitely getting ill. A piece of a pretzel. Coffee. At Base 21 inside of Disney World, the Siemens special customer center hidden in the park.

January 21, lunch. From a buffet at the Siemens/Enterasys event. Not great, not bad, could always be worse. I'm sick so I can't hardly tell anyway. I get stuck in Atlanta that night anyway because of weather so this is plenty of food for me.

January 22, breakfast. At Atlanta Airport in the Crown Room. A bagel and a cup of coffee. With cream cheese. But at least on my way home!

January 22, lunch. At Rigo's Restaurant in Tucson on the way home from the airport with Jan. A bowl of albondigas (meatball) soup. Very well done and what a sick person needs.

January 22, dinner. Zemam's with Jan, Rose, and Mark.

January 23, lunch. French onion soup (Joel's, from the freezer), with toast and Gruyere cheese melted on top. At home with Jan.

January 23, snack. An Amaretto cookie.

Jan 23, dinner. Jan's olive-chicken-artichoke lemon stew. At home with Jan

Jan 23, dinner. Penn State Creamery bittersweet mint ice cream. At home with Jan.

Jan 24, breakfast. The usual.

Jan 24, lunch. Salad of greens, sausage, cheese, tomatoes.