The Year of Eating Dangerously

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June 9, lunch. Some grilled artichokes, Cerignola olives, St. Andre and Cheddar cheeses, and sliced sausage.

June 9, snack. A pretzel rod.

June 9, dinner. A chopped liver sandwich, fries, and cucumber salad from Shlomo and Vito's deli, up at La Rosa.

June 10, breakfast. Raging Sage. Cranberry scone and iced cappuccino.

June 10, lunch. A red chile burrito from Nico's. I don't get them very often and forget how unusual they are: they put in a lot of sour cream and rice, so it's a kind of salad-esque burrito. Really quite nice.

June 10, dinner. Cheese, Rose's olives, sausage, and there's a grilled artichoke hiding in the back there.

June 11, breakfast. Raging Sage, apricot scone, and ice cappuccino.

June 11, lunch. Nico's chile relleno burrito and a coke.

June 11, snack. Snyder's pretzels from the machine up at La Rosa.

June 11, dinner. A glass of Quady's vintage Port, some Stilton, and a white peach. Peaches are not quite in season, so this one was a bit hard, but they're coming around. White peach season is coming!

June 12, breakfast. Raging Sage, iced cappuccino, raspberry jam scone.

June 12, lunch. Baggin's Albequerque Turkey sandwich. That's essentially sliced turkey, heated, on a sub roll with BBQ sauce. It's good. Plus there's a chocolate chip cookie you can't see, and that's iced tea.

June 12, snack. A small can of V8.

June 12, dinner. Chips and salsa at Rosa's. James (my nephew) came into town with Don and Barbara so we went out.

June 12, dinner. Rosa's Carne Seca enchiladas, rice, and beans.

june 12, dessert. A piece of Entenmann's chocolate fudge cake. This was as bad as it looks. James picked it out. Don't let an 11 year old pick your dessert. The weird thing is that even he wouldn't eat it. He ate a lime popsicle. Gawk.

June 13, breakfast. Strawberry jam scone at Raging Sage, along with iced cappuccino.

June 13, lunch. At Pico de Gallo, three fish tacos. These guys really can make great fish tacos. The tortillas are handmade (not machine made) and are especially amazing. The hot orange sauce is also good, but a bit too much for me.

June 13, snack. A white peach. Becoming ripe. not quite.

June 13, snack. 20 grams of salted peanuts. In case you were wondering exactly how many peanuts.

June 13, dinner. Chile Relleno burrito from Nico's, up at La Rosa with mom and Jan.

June 13, dessert. Some Guylan dark chocolate and a glass of Domaine Chandon (California) champagne. Frankly, I have to say that this just doesn't hold a candle to either a good French champagne (like Veuve Clicquot, which we drink a lot of) or Schramsberg from California. I have had great bottles from this winery, but this line (sold at Trader Joe's for about $25/bottle) just doesn't stand up. There is way more than $15 worth of difference between a $25 bottle and a $40 bottle. On the other hand, there are some great $15 Proseccos (Prosecci).

June 14, breakfast. The usual.

June 14, lunch. Salad of vegetables. The chunky things are freshly grilled artichokes. I made these myself from the baby artichokes that Trader Joe's sells. I think that buying them imported from Italy is easier and maybe even cheaper.

June 14, snack. A white peach. Good. Very good.

June 14, dinner. With Bonnie Forbis. A Caprese salad of fresh Italian buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes (the dark ones of the left were really good), and basil from Jan's garden.

June 14, dinner. White and Green asparagus, baked with parmesan cheese.

June 14, dessert. Bonnie brought fresh berries and mint, which she served on chocolate sorbet which was all very very good

June 14, remains of the cheese course. Should have snapped a picture earlier but we had consumed a lot of fine wine (1995 Amarone; 1997 Turley Zin; 1990 Pecota Muscato)

June 15, dinner. Fusilli bucati with a sugo of fresh tomato, porcini mushroom and fresh basil from Jan's garden.