The Year of Eating Dangerously

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Jan 22, snack. They brought these muffins in which are larger than my head. Pretty awful too.

Jan 22, Lunch. Some romaine lettuce and balsamic dressing. Not bad for the late-lunch leftover.

Jan 22, afternoon snack. I thought this was chocolate, but the dark stuff turns out to be raspberry or something like it. Just a little bit vile.

Jan 22, dinner. A pulled-pork rib sandwich. The things on top are fried red tomatoes. The meat was good, but putting it into the torpedo roll, melting cheese on top, and then pouring gravy on it was not very inspired. Not that I didn't eat it. The one high point was the "Hot Whiskey" mustard that I used for the fries. But I think that the pork would have been better by itself.

Jan 23, Breakfast. Cappuccino and snow. Still in Canada, eh?

Jan 23, snack. Another muffin as large as my head. No lunch today.

Jan 23, snack. A cute little clementine.

Jan 23, Dinner. Burger. And a Stella.

January 24, Breakfast. The usual. Still snowing outside in Ottawa.

Jan 24, Lunch. Some grilled vegetables and a roll from "Neptune's Garden." Why it's called that 1000 miles from the ocean... I don't know. It's a weird little cafe. Expensive, too.

Jan 24, snack. A very small mandarin.

Jan 24, Dinner. Chicken, Lettuce, Under, Bacon (CLUB, get it?) sandwich. The little orange sauce is a very spicy remoulade or something which is nice. And a Stella.

Jan 25, breakfast. The usual, although Tim Horton's coffee is not what they say it should be. The cappuccino, in particular, was pre-sweetened and awful. Basically, crap. And a bagel with butter, which was fine.

Jan 25, Breakfast. A couple of tangerines to hold me over from YOW to YYZ.

Jan 25, More breakfast. I was in business class, so they gave me some fruit and yogurt. I ate about half of this. But it was pretty nonetheless.

Jan 25, snack. Aboard flight YOW to HKG, the customary nuts. Air Canada does not warm them. Shame, shame.

Jan 25, lunch. This is actually the appetizer, which is all I felt like eating after all that other food. A salmon torte and a bit of mayo.

Jan 25, lunch. This is the cheese course, which was quite nice.

Jan 25, lunch dessert. Some fruit aboard Air Canada flight YYZ to HKG.

Jan 25th, snack. A packet of prawn crackers.

Jan 25, snack. Air Canada has lots of adorable snacks in business class, but this sushi caught my eye. Not the best I've ever had, but heck, it was packed like 12 hours ago probably.

Jan 26, Breakfast. Of course, the dates get a bit sticky here, but I'll call this breakfast aboard AC flight YYZ to HKG.

Jan 26, breakfast. A chinese dish of meet and noodles.

Jan 26, lunch. Now, I'm in the Singapore Airlines lounge in Hong Kong and they've got these little fried things. They're called shrimp balls, and I'm not sure what that means. As far as I know, shrimp don't have balls that big. But I ate about 6 of them. With the spicy sauce, they're good.

Jan 26, snack. Still working on whatever passes for dinner on the 26th. Noodles in the Singapore Airlines lounge. And a Tiger beer, which you can't see.

Jan 27, Breakfast. Buffet at the Swissotel (former Westin, for those of you who remember the tallest hotel in the world). Thats a lot of dim sum, two pieces of bread, some awful noodles, and grapes as big as your head. Oh, and, of course, a cappuccino. The usual, as usual.

Jan 27, dinner, 10PM. A combination asian/Indian thing with a chicken patty wrapped in a chapati.

Jan 27th, snack. At the Swissotel, they put little Toberlones on your pillow. Sweet!

Jan 28th, breakfast. The usual, a bad cappuccino.

Jan 28th, breakfast. This is from the buffet at the hotel. Lots of Chinese dumplings of various types. Some nodles, and bread and butter. The salmon colored thing on the bread and butter plate is salmon.