The Year of Eating Dangerously

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Feb 6, Dinner. Another part of dinner: a steamed red snapper

Feb 6, Dinner. Some vegetables, mostly asparagus, mushrooms, and a bit of carrots. I didn't eat any carrots.

Feb 6, Dinner. For the sake of completeness, rice.

Feb 7, Breakfast. Coffee, some toast, freshly squeezed juice, and a piece of bacon.

Feb 7, lunch. Miscellaneous Thai food on a dive boat, including some chicken curry, egg rolls, and a meat stew

Feb 7, snack. A Jack'n'Jill cookie. Not an Oreo, OK?

Feb 7, dinner. I had to see what chicken satay is like in Thailand, and it is way better than I've had in the US. The meat is not dry, but well seasoned and marinated. Maybe the chicken is better to start with.

Feb 7, dinner. Some garlic bread. This was Gene's idea.

Feb 7, dinner. A spicy seafood Thai salad.

Feb 8, breakfast. Toast, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice (Jan says "Tangerine") and a piece of bacon.

Feb 8, lunch. A meat curry on rice with very tasty Heinz Chili Sauce. Looks like a catsup bottle, but it tastes good!

Feb 8, snack. A piece of watermelon. The watermelon in Thailand this time of year is very good.

Feb 8, dinner. These shells (taste like clams but with a darker flavor) were steamed and served with a bit of garlic.

Feb 8, dinner. A half-kilo of these shrimp, small, were BBQed for an appetizer.

Feb 8, dinner. This small tuna (about 900 grams) fed the three of us as a main course

Feb 8, dinner. Morning Glory (on the right) and Asparagus (on the left) were our vegetables. Both served simply, and fresh.

Feb 8, dessert. Melon and pineapple.

Feb 9, breakfast. A cheese omlette, toast, bacon, coffee, fresh squeezed juice, and some dim sum. The omlette chef wanted to put dry sock dust (Kraft Parm) in the omlette, but I grabbed some cheddar from the other table and took it over and he was happy to use that instead.

Feb 9, Dinner. Or perhaps lunch. In the Bangkok airport in the Thai Air club

Feb 9, dinner. More snacking in the Thai Air lounge.

Feb 10, breakfast. Aboard a flight from Bangkok to Sydney on Thai Airways. Some fruit, a croissant. I didn't eat the yogurt.

Feb 10th, lunch. In the Sydney airport, waiting for my flight to Canberra. A cappuccino and a chocolate chip muffin that looked a lot better than it was. Not worth the calories.

Feb 10th, snack. A chocolate brownie aboard a Qantas flight from Sydney to Canberra. Not bad, actually.

Feb 10th, snack. Some pistachio nuts.

Feb 10, Dinner. At the bar in Canberra, a burger with fries. In Australia, if you ask for mustard when your food comes, you probably won't get it. You have to remember to ask for condiments when you order. Although how you know which ones to ask for and which ones it comes with, I don't know. Maybe this is something magic that only Australians know.

Feb 11, breakfast. A very nice cappuccino. Park Hyatt in Canberra.

Feb 11, lunch. A seafood salad, with shrimp salad on top of salmon. This was actually very good; the shrimp salad was well done and tasted of shrimp.

Feb 11, lunch. Main course was a beef tenderloin, which was awful. Making tenderloin is hard, and whoever cooked this in Canberra made all of the classic mistakes. Tasted livery and unspiced. Sorry. Should have stuck with the seafood.

Feb 11th, snack. A sandwich on the Qantas flight from Canberra to Melbourne. About as bad as it looks.

Feb 11th, dinner. A amuse bouche of porcini mushroom cauliflower soup. Well done, and didn't taste too much of cauliflower. Oyster,