The Year of Eating Dangerously

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June 24, dinner. Mixed plate. Cheese, grape leaves, hot cherry peppers stuffed with Sardinian tuna, fresh heirloom tomatoes, salami. Cheeses included a nice Normandy, some Humboldt Fog blue goat, and a New Zealand cheddar

June 25, breakfast. At Ike's in the Tucson Airport, a badly-made iced cappuccino. How hard can it be to get good coffee from a coffee house? At the airport, where they don't seem to give a crap, the answer is "pretty friggin' hard."

June 25, snack. Miscellaneous nasty carbohydrate and fat thingies in a Crown Room club.

June 25, dinner. Clam Chowder at Waltham Westin. A little thick; not as good as I would have expected clam chowder to be within shouting distance of Boston.

June 25, more dinner. Caprese salad, which was average mozzarella, good tomatoes, very nice arugula and a lot of useless carrot shavings that I don't know what the hell they're for. Waltham Westin.

June 26, Breakfast. Bad coffee, Waltham Westin. What is it with hotels and tiny coffee cups? I guess if it's bad, at least they don't overwhelm you with it.

June 26, Snack. A mint. These are good. I snuck some into my bag.

June 26, lunch. The inimitable "do it yourself deli," so popular at conferences around the world. That stuff in the back is tunafish salad. Pickles, bad cheese, cold cuts from a bag. Pfah. Westin Waltham.

June 26, lunch. Dessert of Boston cake. Waltham Westin. Not worth the calories.

June 26, snack. They have this pre-packaged hummus in some Crown Rooms which is not totally awful. Not worth taking home, but not totally awful. And some crackers.

June 26, dinner. Aboard Delta flight Boston to Salt Lake City. I paid $6 for three enormous pieces of cheese, 3 walnuts, some very tasty grapes, and a few apricots. Not bad for airline food, but not worth demanding on the next flight. Although all the other options looked worse.

June 26, dessert. Lo-fat yogurt. They ripped out the Ben & Jerry's in SLC airport, which is a crying shame since that was worth the calories. This slimy pile of sugar and fat substitute was not.

June 27, breakfast. The usual, plus some fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and a horse pill of a vitamin

June 27, lunch. Nico's Carnitas plate, shared with Jan. Mmmmm.

June 27, afternoon snack. Two chocolate turtles. Jan's mom keeps these in her refrigerator, so when Jan visits, she eats a few (bad!) and then to feel less guilty, she brings me two.

June 27, dinner. Hawaiian poke at Vin Tabla. Picture is bad, but the poke was very very good. Dinner with mom & Jan.

June 27, dinner. Crabcakes at Vin Tabla. Good. Excellent, in fact.

June 27, dinner. Asparagus egg roll. It sounds weird, and it is, but if you like asparagus, then you'll like this. I thought that the sauce (tartar-esque) could have done more. Not sure what, but maybe something less like Mayo and more like... wasabi?

June 27, dinner. At Vin Tabla. Duck sausage and cherry pizza. Good. Very good. Nice thin crust. Well done.

June 28, breakfast. The usual, plus a fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

June 28, second breakfast. Fruit on Delta flight from Tucson to Atlanta.

June 28, lunch. Atlanta Airport Paschal's. Finest food in the Atlanta airport, this is dark meat fried chicken with sides. Very tasty. A perennial favorite when stuck in this airport.

June 28, dinner. Aboard flight Atlanta to Munich. I had the appetizers only: salad of yellow tomato with blue cheese (good), vegetables and onion "dip" (more like the consistency of potato salad, not good), and a couple of shrimp on avocado with salsa rosa (very good).

June 28, dessert. Cheese plate of 3 cheeses aboard Delta flight Atlanta to Munich. About the usual, although the cheese I think

June 29, Breakfast. Fruit, aboard Delta flight Atlanta to Munich

June 29, dinner. Watching Spain beat the crap out of Germany at the Euro final 2008. Spain hasn't had a title in 44 years, and Germany played like little boys. Kick-whup-ass. In a bar in München with Spaniards on my right and Germans on my left. There was no ethnic cleansing, just a hanging of heads. Although one of the Germans was about to take a Korean's head off for blocking the screen.

June 30, Breakfast. NH Hotel in München. Eggs, pretzel bread, some nice cheese, a slice of spanish chorizo, and, since it's Germany, 3 different kinds of sausage. Also a cappuccino and some grapefruit juice.

June 30, second breakfast. A pretzel at the office. These are sliced the hard way and filled with butter.

June 30, lunch. At the Neptune restaurant, run by Italians screaming at each other. A passable tuna salad.

June 30, lunch. A very nice espresso macchiato