The Year of Eating Dangerously

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July 29, dinner. Salad.

July 29, dessert. Fresh pies from the pie lady. Blueberry with chocolate ice cream. Wow.

July 30, lunch. A lobster roll from Lodie's on Little Deer Isle, Maine. Very nice. With onion rings.

July 30, dinner. At Arborvine (Main Street, Blue Hill, Maine). Bread. With Russ, Katie and Jan.

July 30, dinner. At Arborvine (Main Street, Blue Hill, Maine). Six Bonaduce River oysters, and a frozen sauce (in the center). Great oysters, very briny. Tasty.

July 30, dinner. At Arborvine (Main Street, Blue Hill, Maine). Crab galettes (outstanding), on bulghar wheat (OK) with vegetables (great) and a yellow sauce of uncertain origin. Overall grade: just great!

July 30, dessert. At Arborvine (Main Street, Blue Hill, Maine). Trio of sorbets. Good end to a nice dinner. Not as inspired as the courses which came before, but that's fine. With Russ & Katie & Jan. And two bottles of Acacia Pinot Noir.

July 31, lunch. Aboard M/V Summerhaven. Potato salad, sandwiches, and other stuff.

July 31, dessert. Aboard M/S Summerhaven. A very tasty chocolate chip cookie.

July 31, dinner. Lobster. Crabs. Fries. At Swan's Harbor "The Boat House." With Jan, Russ, Katie, Alexandra, and Zachary. Great lobster!!! And $15. Can you beat that? I knew that you couldn't. Also, we smuggled a bottle of wine onto the dry island and drank it. Don't tell the cops.

August 2, dinner. At Alto, New York City, with Jan. A bit of warm soup on a rainy day.

August 2, dinner. At Alto, NYC, with Jan. Appetizer of stuffed squid: squid stuffed with shrimp and bits of fiori di zucca.

August 2, dinner. Alto, NYC, with Jan. Agnelloti. The broth is amazing. Barbera wine, veal stock, thrice reduced, with parm. in it. Wow. This is really, really good.

August 2, dinner. Alto, NYC, with Jan. Basil wrapped lamb tenderloin over beans. Not as good as I had hoped; not as good as the agnolotti.

August 2, dessert. Alto, NYC. Three cheeses and and espresso macchiato with too much milk.

August 3, breakfast. Pain Quotidian, NY, with Jan. Cappuccino. Very well done. Very good foam.

August 3, breakfast. Pain Quotidian, with Jan, NYC. Baker's Basket, a slice of different breads, to share. All tasty. Good choice, but enough for 4, not just 2.

August 3, dinner. Carnegie Deli, New York, with Jan. Pickles.

August 3, dinner. Carnegie Deli, NYC. A chopped liver sandwich. This was good, and huge, but not as good as Jan's Pastrami which was truly wonderful. Next time, have the pastrami.

August 4, breakfast. Zabar's on Broadway. Juice, coffee, and bagel with lox and cream cheese. Overlooking H&H Bagels. Not the best breakfast.

August 4, lunch. Tuna-fish sandwich from the deli down the street, and a Pepsi. Plus two laptops. New York City. Microsoft Exchange.

August 4, snack. Pretzels. New York City.

August 4, dinner. Essex House bar, New York City, with Jan. Some almonds.

August 4, dinner. Essex House bar, New York City, with Jan. A Linguisa sausage sandwich. This was really good. They sliced the sausage very thinly so the sandwich was easy to eat, something I was worried about. Overall a very well done sandwich. The chips were "beer spattered" chips which seemed not much different from chips without beer or red food coloring. But not bad.

August 5, breakfast. An iced cappuccino and a bagel with cream cheese from the deli around the corner from the office. With Jan. New York City

August 5, lunch. Sandwich, roast beef. Good. Deli. New York City.

August 5, snack. Flight from New York to Boston (Delta Shuttle). I did not eat the peppermint, but probably should have. I ate the KitKat but probably should not.

August 5, dinner. At Westford Regency, Westford Mass. Fish and Chips. Not bad, actually, for a hotel restaurant. Not over-breaded or over-fried, and a reasonable amount of fish. Not crispy as they should have been, but overall a good representation of fish and chips. Not surprising in Boston I guess.

August 6, breakfast. Starbucks. Maple scone and cappuccino. This will teach me to get there too late for the bad scones: this was the awful scone. Westford, Mass.

August 6, lunch. A lobster roll at D'Angelo's sandwich shop in Westford. This was good to get because it represents the far "bad" spectrum of lobster rolls. Now I have much greater appreciation for GOOD lobster rolls.