The Year of Eating Dangerously

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November 1, snack. In the Delta Crown Room in Atlanta. Some Eggplant stuff with a bottle of curry seasoning sprinkled on. Probably a nice idea originally, but tastes canned now.

November 1, dinner. A scoop of Coffee, Coffee, Buzz Buzz Buzz from the Ben and Jerry's in Concourse B in Atlanta.

November 2, breakfast. The usual, plus some fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and a horse pill vitamin.

November 2, snack. While working outside, a Nestle's Crunch bar leftover from Halloween candy.

November 2, lunch. A half of a Deb's Delight (tuna salad sandwich, hot) from Beyond Bread shared with Jan along with some vinegar slaw. Very tasty.

November 2, lunch. Some fresh bread with creamy butter at Beyond Bread. Yum.

November 2, dinner. Salad with spinach leaves, water chestnuts, orange segments, and sesame seeds. Very elegant, Barbara! At Don & Barbara's with Jan, Don, Barbara, mom (Janet) and Dale. Who is about to have an operation.

November 2, dinner. At Don and Barbara's. Safeway Lasagna and bread.

November 2, dessert. A piece of Halloween candy.

November 3, breakfast. The usual, plus fresh-squeezed grapefruit and a vitamin.

November 3, snack. Two apricots.

November 3, lunch. Fresh greens from Jan's garden, plus some from Albertson's, sausage, lovely cheese, and some olives. Plus artichokes. At home with Jan.

November 3, lunch. A piece of Halloween candy for dessert.

November 3, snack. A piece of wonderful Sardinian pecorino cheese. Wow.

November 3, dinner. Chips and Salsa, and Beer, at El Charro in Tucson with Jan. After visiting Dale in the hospital. He's OK.

November 3, dinner. Carne Seca Enchiladas (two) at El Charro in Tucson, with salad and guacamole. On the left are beans and rice, both of which really are totally uninspiring. Do they think that we don't recognize frozen carrots and peas in the rice? Come on. This is just miserable to pass off as real food. But the enchiladas were good. Although I think that the plating was a bit silly for two enchiladas. Would rather have seen that much care go into the beans and rice.

November 4, breakfast. The usual, plus juice and a piece of a tortilla. Again, I have not done a good job. I'm getting only microscopically closer. I think that the key is lots of oil and long cooking, and I don't have either. Oh well. This was good, though, just not what it was that I wanted to make.

November 4, lunch. On the way to the airport with Jan to catch a flight to Chicago. Sardinian pecorino and some sausage. Nice very small snack.

November 4, appetizer. Martini. M/X Bar in Hyatt Chicago. Big group of folks.

November 4, appetizer. Second Martini. Gin, vermouth, olives.

November 4, dinner. Some bread. The restaurant, Shor, at the Hyatt McCormick Place in Chicago. With Hoff and Mackey.

November 4, dinner. Chilean Sea Bass, potatoes, asparagus. At the Shor Restaurant, Hyatt McCormick Place, Chicago. With Hoff and Mackey.

November 4, dessert. Espresso.

November 8, snack. One of Sarah Mulholland's really outstandin muffins, which I think were a combination of pumpkin or banana and cranberry. But didn't think to ask, unfortunately.

November 5, breakfast. Chicago, chicago. Same Starbucks Cappuccino.

November 5, lunch. Chicago at ISD conference. A piece of sandwich off a big buffet and some chips. And a Pepsi. Completely forgettable. For sure.

November 5, snack. At the exhibit hall, mashed potatoes, carmelized onions, and cheese. You make 'em yourself in little dessert glasses. I'm sure it sounded like a good idea when the chef came up with it, but there's no way to get the proportions right in this size glass, or at least as far as I can tell. So it's really not as good as you would have hoped. Still, not a bad idea.

November 5, snack. Fried calamari. Or squid. Or something like that. At Maggiano's in Chicago. With Lee the sales guy and Joan the fast eater from Symantec.

November 5, appetizer. At Maggiano's in Chicago. A fried thingy and more fried squid.