The Year of Eating Dangerously

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July 23, lunch. At Brushfire BBQ. Brisket, roll, slaw, and potato salad. WILDLY inconsistent. This time, everything had something wrong: potato salad was undercooked; the slaw was oily and almost inedible; the meat was fatty, indicating either a bad trim or undercooking. OK, the roll was fine.

July 23, lunch. New camera!!! SD1000. Old one was getting balky, probably caused by enormous amount of pocket lint that had been ground into its apertures.

July 24, breakfast. The usual.

July 24, lunch. A chile relleno burrito from Nico's in Tucson.

July 24, dinner. At home, small salad.

July 24, breakfast. The usual.

July 25, snack. A white peach from Trader Joe's. At the office.

July 25, lunch. A salad of sausage, cheese, olives, and other stuff.

July 25, dinner. At Zona 78 in Tucson, with Mom and Trumbos. Appetizer of caprese bruschetta. Good, quite good. Comes with sauce, which is bad. Ignore the sauce.

July 25, dinner. Organic arugula and prosciutto pizza at Zona 78. Well done. Includes non-house-made mozzarella (why do they bother to have two? Makes no sense...). Good crust.

July 25, dessert. Back at Trumbo's. Some sort of pie-of-the-month sale pile from Marie Callendar's (banana strawberry) plus ice cream. Barbara's choice.

July 26, breakfast. The usual, plus a vitamin.

July 26, lunch. Thai fish cakes at Bangkok Cafè in Tucson, with Jan. Very well done. Not greasy, tasty, and a good combination of flavors. The sauce was a tad sweet and underspiced. Probably an accommodation to Tucson tastes.

July 26, lunch. Salad of cellophane noodles, assorted fish (Shrimp, squid, mussels, etc.) on lettuce. SPICY and good. Bangkok Cafè Tucson with Jan.

July 26, snack. A white peach.

July 26, dinner. At Rosa's, with Jan. Jan insisted on a last trip to Rosa's before going out of town for two weeks. I had, as you might expect by now, the carne seca enchiladas.

July 26, dinner. At Rosa's in Tucson with Jan. Carne seca enchiladas, rice, and beans.

July 27, breakfast. Aboard Delta flight from Tucson to Atlanta. Roll with fruit inside, fruit without roll inside.

July 27, lunch. At Popeye's in Atlanta airport, C concourse. We didn't have enough time for Paschal's because our flight was only 30 minutes later, so I grabbed a quick chicken sandwich, which was fine. The slaw, however, was beyond vile. Goopy, ultra-sweet, and tasting nothing of anything but mayo and sugar. Eck.

July 27, lunch. I had some of Jan's fries too.

July 27, dinner. Well, best laid plans aside, we are stuck in Atlanta for the night, so we went to Paschal's. Because I had chicken for lunch, I had their Creole Meatloaf for dinner. Again, good food. Meatloaf is not hard to make well, but so many places do a bad job. This was well done soul food. Greens were especially good with green pepper vingar, and beans with tabasco. The slaw was average (but not bad, like Popeye's) and the biscuits were buttery needing no topping.

July 28, Breakfast. Aboard Delta flight Atlanta to Portland, Maine. Finally! Also a glass of club soda.

July 28, lunch. Lobster Cooker, 39 Main Street, Freeport. With Jan, Lobster roll, fries, iced tea. Expensive ($16) for a "lobster salad roll" ($19 for a "lobster roll") bt pretty well done and no question that we had plenty of lobster.

July 28, dinner. Burger, cheese, potato salad, and green beans. All made by Katie at Russ & Katie's Main summer house. Wonderful meal capping off two days of stressful travel.

July 28, dessert. Mixed berry pie from "the pie lady" with Whoopie Pie ice cream at Russ & Katie's Maine summer house. Delicious. Just delicious.

July 29, breakfast. Eggamuffin (egg, english muffin, sausage) from a place down the road, plus a good cup of coffee, at Russ & Katie's Maine summer house.

July 29, lunch. Appetizers, on Butter Island, picnicing. Crudites, fresh raspberries, crab dip. Wonderful picnic fare.

July 29, lunch. Chicken and cranberry salad, with lettuce, on a tortilla. Picnicing with Russ, Katie, and other friends on Butter Island (Maine).

July 29, snack. Fresh raspberries picked by Jan on a hike to the summit of Butter Island. Wow.

July 29, dinner. Joel's fresh tomato sauce with Katie's fresh basil on rotelle. With Jan (Russ, Katie, Alexandra, Zachary too of cours) at Russ & Katie's Maine summer house.