The Year of Eating Dangerously

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August 6, snack. Pretzels filled with peanut butter. These are bad and will be the bane of my time in Boston as everyone else seems to love them. And a Pepsi, which was good.

August 6, dinner. Take-out from Bamboo, a good Chinese restaurant in Westford. This was asparagus and shrimp and while it was not the best example of the art, I was grateful for any food at 10PM. I hoped that by coming in a few seconds before they closed the kitchen they would not over-cook the shrimp, but this was not to be. On the other hand the shrimp could have been overcooked previously and simply added to the asparagus.

August 7, breakfast. At Starbucks in Westford, MA. A blueberry scone (one of the bad ones) and a cappuccino (another bad one). Why do I keep coming here? For the Wi-Fi. Sigh.

August 7, lunch. Takeout from a Thai restaurant, a seafood curry. This is quite good all the way around, even if the portion is mammoth. Still, I appreciate it. Keeps me off the peanut-butter pretzels. Boston, MA.

August 6, snack. Dinner, actually. Some pretzels, no peanut butter. No mustard either.

August 7, dinner. I succumb to hunger at 11PM and eat at the only place still serving food, a Burger King in Westford. Whopper with cheese and fries. And a shake. Too much food at 11PM.

August 8, breakfast. Starbucks. Blueberry scone (bad) and cappuccino.

August 8, snack. Pepsi and pretzels (peanut butter filled). All bad for me. Boston.

August 8, lunch. I succumb to hunger and go to the Deli in the office I'm working at. They have an imaginatively named sandwich which would be good if it wasn't made from cold cuts dating back to the Cold War. The potato salad is not bad. And a pepsi.

August 8, dinner. At Oishii sushi, Boston (actually Chestnut Hill). With Andy Briney, who generously picked up the tab. Tuna chips. Home-made chips with chopped tuna on them. Good start. Very good start.

August 8, dinner. At Oishii sushi, Boston. With Andy Briney. Incredible bluefin tuna, hamachi, eel, ebi, mackerel. It was a great start. Eel MUCH better under avocado than sweet sauce!

August 8, dinner. At Oishii sushi, Boston. With Andy Briney. Maki. Soft-shell crab, a "REAL" California roll (made with real crabmeat, not the crap they usually use). Wow.

August 8, dinner. At Oishii sushi, Boston. With Andy Briney. Last four pieces: white tuna and something else I can't remember. Both were great.

August 9, breakfast. Back at the bad Starbucks (OK, they're all bad) with bad scone and bad cappuccino. How is it that all the scones across the US are identical, and all bad? Do they have a special bad recipe they share? Or are they built in a warehouse in Des Moines and spat out around the country via leaky refrigerator truck?

August 9, snack. Pretzels. Boston.

August 9, lunch. Tuna melt at a little cafe outside of Boston. Tasty. With Scott Steeves.

August 9, dinner. Cafe Goa takeout, Westford. Goa fish curry. Not the best representation I've ever had, although very authentic. I think that you should not come into a restaurant just before closing and expect good food. Although why not, I'm not sure. The fish was just tasteless. Might have been a raw materials problem. Westford.

August 10, breakfast. Cappuccino and blueberry scone which was so bad I didn't take a picture of it.

August 10, snack. Pretzels.

August 10, lunch. At Legal's Test Kitchen, Boston Airport (terminal A, in case you want to go). A lobster "wrap," essentially a lobster roll in a piece of pita bread with fries. Lacking. The biggest problem was that the had no ripe avocado, so there was a piece of avocado like a stone the size of a golf-ball stuck in there. When something is not good, you should take it off the menu that day. They did a poor job; I'm disappointed in the quality control here.

August 10, Snack. Some cheese and crackers, aboard flight from Boston to Tucson

August 11, Breakfast. The usual.

August 11, lunch. At Rosa's with Jan. Start with chips and really really really good salsa (the secret is in the garlic)

August 11, lunch. Carne Seca Enchiladas, rice, and beans. At Rosa's in Tucson with Jan.

August 13, lunch. Half a Max's Muffalata from Beyond Bread (Jan had the other half) with the Santosh and Bag.

August 13, lunch. Vinegar slaw from Beyond Bread.

August 11, snack. On flight from Tucson to Seattle, beer and pretzels.

August 12, breakfast. At a Starbucks in Seattle. Cappuccino and scone. Overroasted, as usual, but actually made with more flair than the usual Starbucks.

August 12, late lunch at the Seattle Airport. Fish and Chips. Not the best I've had this year, but really not bad at all. The fish was not oversized and it was cooked well through and through.

August 12, snack. It's like food, only worse. Seattle airport.